Deserts of IRANDeserts of IRAN
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Package A


General Information About Arman Shakeri’s Tours

  • Due Time :  Tree-night-four-day tour of loot desert

  • Theme: safari- camping

  • Service level: A

  • Serving food and snack-tents  and pillows /local leader tour and driver guide/ two 4WD cars.

  • Route: Kerman-Shahdad-Kalout /Shahdad-Rig e yalan (Sandy Pyramid)- Snake tongue canyon and Shahdad-Kerman

  • Recidence: Kavir (camp)-tent

  • Dining: all meals included. 3 dinner meals/3 breakfast meals and 4 lunch meals

  • Travel description: The first day of the journey starts at 8 A.M. from Kerman. On the first day, we exit Kerman and drive to Shahdad. After visiting salty river, we exit the asphalt road and start off-road for night camping trip in tent in sand dunes.The second day is the survey of Loot plain in Rig e Yalan. The third day, we move towards the star hills. The fourth day, we move to the canyon of snake tongue and Shahdad’s kaloots, and staying in Kerman at night is the end of program.

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